Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fear Factor

Oh,the pleasant fear that filled me
The charging devil the stranger in fury
The one who charges madly at non-mistakes
The dream of farces where everything starts right and turns wrong
Just in time for the demon to become mad at you

Oh,the charge of my demons
The choice of my fears
With white eyes gone blind in fury
The fears that filled the few moments
Before liberating me when they left
Along gone the dull aches
That weighed down the head
In the morning and may be through the day
When rushing cares that flood the senses with alertness
And numbs the aches beyond the threshold
Whether you slept the night or not

Friday, May 06, 2011

democracy,don't even bother,what if sexocracy

without the skills,understanding and knowledge,expecting ordinary people to as democratic citizens is like expecting street kids to pilot boeing planes or asking to perform cardiac surgeries,ad to do that well too. It is really way beond an ideal for most people of the world.

dem is a faraway ideal,for a country recently freed from feudal oligarchy under a colonial monarchy,the mindsets of the people to become responsible democ citizens will take hundreds of years of training and education by the very same government which continues to be feudal oligarchy but frauds as a democracy.too much to hope for,oly the opposite is more plausible,to push people more towards intellectual slavery and emotional dependence on the feudal lords.

ideas from movies

it is only the guts which orders and can order;al pacino
as long as u r above ground,life is great;scarface
others' fear is the only organiser;daniel day-lewis,gangs of new york
u write about or work around the famous people,that is the ONLY way to get searched about:britney spears
pandorum,benny and joon,slum dog millionaire,bridjet jones diary;eor,game plan,set it off,music for the millions,drive,thrashin:running along in tv channels together.
dem requires lots of skills,knowledge and understanding on the part of the people,esp. the ordinary people; it is the most ignored and least searched for thing in the world,the most searched about by billions is sex,we should have sexocracy as it is the most sought after form of government,but one caveat,it will be searched in privacy and secrecy,so perhaps already it exists,the world runs on sex..sexocracy! barak osama sin laden

Psychology is the science of sciences-Vivekananda