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Continuing growth of coaching industry in India

 Continuing growth of coaching industry in India.

India has 1.5 million government and private schools with 50 lakhs sanctioned strength of teachers and 1200 universities in the government and private sectors. However, the most high profile entity dominating the landscape is a private coaching company with market valuation above twenty billion dollars. It is important to understand how the private coaching or tuition industry has become so widespread in India.

During and after independence, the education system in India was basic and upto the nineties the schools were the only centres of education. After returning from schools, students used to complete the homework and taking help from someone outside was considered a weakness of such students.

Tuition teachers were also considered as business minded and did not get much respect. But today the private tuition business has grown to be a parallel industry comparable to the main education system itself.

Today children rush from schools to homes only to hurry to the tuition classes.
Children in India start taking tuitions from the age of four onwards otherwise they will be left behind by other children, it is feared by parents.

The starting tuition fee for each subject is about four hundred rupees per month and can go upto 1000 rupees.
Alongwith school fees, the tuition fees combined costs 12% of the income of the lower middle class parents.
The private tuitions are bankrupting the middle classes while pushing the already bankrupt poor classes into indebtedness.
However, people have come to accept that private tuitions are the only way to good education for their children.

When the children complete 10th standard, they are compelled by the competitive environment to join the coaching for medical and engineering entrance exams for two years.
The more prominent and much publicized coaching is for the IAS ,IPS etc , in general for all the competitive civil services examinations conducted by the Central government and the about thirty state governments individually. The staff selection commission recruits upto clerical level and the Railway Recruitment Board recruits class IV employees too.
Tuition has become a more powerful necessity than regular studies and this need has been converted into a money minting system by the tuition and coaching industry.

Out of the twenty eight crore children in schools, one out of four, that is about seven crore children are dependent on tuitions. A child spends 9 hours a week in tuition classes, which is equivalent to staying in school for an additional one and a half days.

Among the states, West Bengal tops the private tuition scenario with 89% of students taking tuition from 9th to 12th standards, followed by Tripura at 87%, Bihar at 67%, Odisha at 64% and Manipur at 55%.

In tuitions, individual attention is given to each student in return for the money, the parents are happy about the good education their children are getting.
The schools usually have thirty to sixty students in each class and in such a crowd it is natural for the students to feel they do not understand the subjects well and their doubts are not getting cleared. That's why the need for tuitions has become imperative for good education.

There is another reason also, not significant enough to solve the pervasive need or problem though, that is the number of teachers not available for teaching due to the shortage of 17% from the sanctioned strength, about one on five teachers missing due to the government's lethargy in filling up the vacant posts of teachers.

The coaching and tuition business is worth 30 thousand crores, about four billion dollars, annually in 2022. It continues to grow at around 7% year on year.

Upto 12th the tuition is for good education, individual attention of each student by the tuition teacher for getting high marks.
But simultaneously, since the students want to prepare for the medical and engineering entrance exams alongwith 11th and 12th standards, they join coaching for this more importantly.
Some of them tactically skip the tuition for general subjects because they are aware that the 11th or 12th exam scores have no weightage in the medical and engineering admissions.

For M& E coaching the annual fees is around 1.5 lakh rupees and they spend three lakhs for this preparation over two years.

A global education census data says that 93% students in South Korea,83% in Malaysia and 70% students in Japan also take private tuitions. Compared to the nineties, it is clear that the private tuition industry has grown big worldwide.

Compared to global scale, India spends only 3.2 billion dollars annually in coaching industry, which is just 1.4% of the global investment or annual spending.

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Abbakka 1555 Indian War Of Independence!

 _*Did you know this story?*_ 


The year was *1555* . 

Portuguese colonial power was at its peak in the 1500’s. 

They destroyed Zamorins of Calicut. 

Defeated the Sultan of Bijapur. 

Took away Daman from the Sultan of Gujarat.


Established a colony in Mylapore, Captured Bombay and made Goa as their headquarters. 

And while they were at it, pretty much unchallenged, they even ruined the ancient Kapaleeswarar Temple to build a Church over it.

Their next target, the super profitable port of Mangalore.

Their only bad luck, just 14 kilometers south of Mangalore was the small settlement of *Ullal* - ruled then by a feisty 30 year old woman - *RANI ABBAKKA CHOWTA*

Initially, they took her lightly and sent a few boats and soldiers to capture and bring her back to Goa - Those boats never came back.

Shocked and enraged, they sent a huge fleet of ships this time, under the command of much celebrated Admiral Dom Álvaro da Silveira - The admiral soon returned, badly injured and empty handed.

Thereafter, another Portuguese fleet was sent - only a few injured from the crew managed to make it back.

Then the Portuguese went on to capture the Mangalore port and the fort anyways, perhaps planning to tackle Rani Abbakka Chowta from the convenient distance of the Mangalore fort.

After the successful capture of Mangalore, a huge army under João Peixoto, an experienced Portuguese General was sent to Ullal.

*The brief was simple: Subjugate Ullal and capture Abbakka Chowta.* 

The plan was foolproof- there was no way a 30 year old lady with a few men could withstand the might of an army of thousands with advanced weapons.

*The Portuguese reached Ullal and found it deserted. Abbakka was nowhere in sight.*

 _*They roamed around, relaxed and thanked their stars.*_ 

 _*Just when they were about to call it a victory - Mrs Chowta attacked with 200 of her chosen men*_ 

There was chaos all around and many portuguese lost their lives even without a fight.

General João Peixoto was assassinated, 70 Portuguese were captured and the rest just ran away.

*So if you’re Abbakka Chowta, who’s just defeated a large army of aggressors, killed a general, captured fighters and defended her city - What will you do?*

- _Rest and enjoy the moment right?_ 

- Right?

- No!

*_Rani Abbakka Chowta, rode with her men towards Mangalore that same night, and laid a siege of the Mangalore fort - She not just broke inside the fort successfully - but assassinated Admiral Mascarenhas the Chief of the Portuguese power there and forced the remaining Portuguese to vacate the fort.*_

She didn’t just stop at this but went on to even capture the Portuguese settlement at Kundapura, a full 100 kms, north of Mangalore - Just to make a point.

The Portuguese finally managed to get back at Abbakka Chowta by *convincing her estranged husband, ( a traitor) to betray for money.* 

She was arrested and put in the prison where she revolted again and was killed while trying to escape.

*Lesson from story* : It is the local Indians, who themselves are responsible for slavery of our nation for 1000 years by siding with Enemies.

*Abbakka Chowta was a Jain who fought against the Portuguese for four decades, with an army comprising of both Hindus and Muslims, a full 300 years before the First War of Indian Independence in 1857.*

What did we Indians do to her, as a mark of our respect and gratitude? 

*- We just forgot her.* 

We didn’t name our girls after her. 

We didn’t even teach her stories to our kids.

Yes we did release a Postal Stamp in her name, named a boat after her and erected 2 statues - yes just 2 statues in the whole of India for someone who should be our national hero.

The Indian Coast Guard ship ICGS Rani Abbakka the 1st of a series of five inshore patrol vessels built at Hindustan Shipyard Ltd is named after Abbakka Mahadevi.

We might have got to read a chapter about her in our text books, had she been a European or an American.

Many talk about her being the last Indian to have the power of the agni-ban. 

In all this cacophony, our generation has lost a great hero - a great source of inspiration.

Still wondering why you’ve not heard about her yet?

Because people like you deleted and forgot it, please spread the message so that people can become aware of their lineage!

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Difficulties of being saintly!

 The difficulties of being saintly:

Florence Nightingale 1820-1910

Tides of 1856 Crimean War

The military authorities angered by the interference of the Times, refused to admit that anything was wrong. The departments hastened to justify themselves.

When the emergency had passed, opposition to Miss Nightingale again arose. Admiration and gratitude disappeared and she was so victimised by petty jealousies and treacheries that she was miserably depressed and in the end obsessed with a sense of failure.

The high spirit and faith which had sustained her through the first months faded and she learned the powers of official intrigues.

We have to deal with men whose only object is to keep themselves out of blame.

Dr. John Hall was revengeful, powerful and a master of the confidential reports.

"Dr. Hall is dead against me. He descends to every meanness to make my position more difficult."

She was perpetually tormented by official spite. It was the defeat of justice by power.

Inertia was great, entrenched bureaucratic obstruction powerful.

She appealed to the sympathetic quarters of the war office.

But the Hall and Fitz party openly declared to root her out of Crimea.

And at last, on March 16,1856, a dispatch establishing her position in terms far beyond anything of which she had ever dreamed reached the Crimea.

Psychology is the science of sciences-Vivekananda