Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Office Politics

While dealing with indirect and hidden competition,like colleagues and team-members do not be complacent.And do not expect them to be complacent.Never prepare for a meeting expecting complacency on others part.
Note down your points for an argument you expect to open up in a meeting and rehearse your argument before the meeting,the way actors practice before drama performance.Life is much more dramatic than any stage drama.
Expect politicking,leg-pulling,sabotaging and self-seeking.Even down-right betrayal from people who led you to trust them.
Have a stomach for intense office politics.
You are well-prepared.
You will sail through business and Life.

Or the duty of your boss.

Project check list
Or the duty of your boss.
For executing any project you need expertise,skills,knowledge ability,capacity and health and also enough People with all this and with motivation to boot.
You need Time.
You need Infrastructure.Telephone,electricity,computer.Food for peolpe.Good weather.
You are entitled for all this aprt from your salary to carry out your project.
If your boss does not provide all the,well,you have to ask for them and remind him often.

Work Culture

Work Culture

The ABCD of Indian work culture is

Well atleast in the Government and Public Sector it is like this almost.

Psychology is the science of sciences-Vivekananda