Friday, August 15, 2008

Understanding Indian democracy in its true functional form to avoid heartburns

Democracy is Government of the people;it's a good idea,let us try it in India sometime!

What form of democracy India has

Democracy by its definition is a non-government

Power of the people means everyone is equally powerful,no one needs to obey or believe anyone other than himself

Everyone has to be responsible for his acts as well as the rights he has

This freedom is the central aim of democracy

Once freedom is granted democracy has achieved its highest purpose

Development and progress are subjective matters in democracy.

One man’s industrial prosperity is another man’s environmental poisoning .

One man’s materialistic ambitions are another man’s vulgar consumerism.

Debatable issues do not get priority in democracy.They only get debated endlessly
until a democratic dictator has his way.

In theory itself democracy can take many forms.

Because of its basic nature of Government by all, meaning Government by none,only when benefits have to be taken people will scurry and scamper.

When it comes to the dirty and dangerous business of actual Governance,like fighting terrorists,even Intelligence agencies will hide behind the least plausible fig leaf,to save their skins.

The axiom of being first for the banquet and last for the battle is eminently practicable and practiced without fail in democracies.

Having said that,the most visible democracies of UK,USA and India have great differences in their functioning,yet all are democracies.

UK is a monarchial democracy,an oxymoron by itself,king’s rule of the people by the people,see how it looks!

America is a Presidential form of democracy,meaning one man’s supremacy for his tenure,he can even declare major bloody wars vetoing his Houses of representatives .

India is a Parliamentary democracy and the President is only a figure-head!

The parliament is half-filled with the ex-royal family members,making it a semi-feudal parliament.

The other half is filled with ‘criminals’who are none but the perverted remnants of the Dada form of local governance.

This Grandfathergovernment was prevalent in rural India and got transplanted in Industrial and mining environments. It still lives in the form of kangaroo courts and best relied upon too.

The grandfathers have been replaced by the self-imposing godfathers.

The grandfather(Dada) of the extended family settles the intra-family disputes.

Inter-family disputes result in family wars(Gang wars)until the territories and business divisions are settled according to the strength of the families.

For Intra-family governance,the grandfather is ideal,because he has the wisdom and the experience and he cannot be partial to any side of his own family.

In Inter-family disputes too,the Dadas mostly settle without violence,and here too the family members can depend on their Dada to take the best care of their interests.

So Indian parliamentary democracy is actually a royalistic-feudalistic-criminal-grandfather variety of democracy,with a bureaucratic executive.

Democracy is infinitely adaptable and it adapts to the existing environment of mindsets,cultures and traditions.

It is so adaptable that a tyrant can call himself as a democratic tyrant,as long as he claims to be carrying out the will of the people.

The benefits and cares available in a grandfatherly system is not available to the people in a bureaucratic form of executive system!

The bureaucracy ONLY can take care of itself!

It is never in anybody’s interest to involve and settle impartially the disputes and grievances.

Bureaucracy by default becomes partner to the most-profitable party in any dispute.

Police always sides with the criminals,because they are their providers.Never think of their Government salaries.It is believed to be the tribute the people have to pay for having the honour of keeping the bureaucrat in the Payroll.For every movement of his little finger the bureaucrat will need benefits.

That is how wine-shops,bootlegging,bar-dancing,discos,drug-joints and prostitution are monopolized by the police with the partnership of either the under-world criminals called gangsters or the upper-world criminals called Dadas and politicians.

Whenver the politician-bureaucrat-police syndicate wants to monopolise any business,they first outlaw it and then take over it themselves .The outlawing part is to eliminate competition.

It is no wonder that the politicians,bureaucrats and the police never work for the common people,but they work for themselves and for their interest-groups,meaning families and favourites.

If you are part of one such family or gang or group and your needs are falling within the range and reach of your group,you will find things going for you remarkably well and easy.

Otherwise you will be hitting your head against stonewalls everywhere and find yourself blaming everything in the Government for corruption,inefficiency and insensitivity.

Well,can it be anything different than this,and it is not even as bad as it seems to be,given the human nature of minding only one’s own self-interest infinitely and not even acknowledging the existence of interests for others,actually even the existence of others is objectionable their interests be damned.

Psychology is the science of sciences-Vivekananda