Thursday, August 28, 2008

What is National Growth?

Growth of individual character only can be considered as National growth,every other growth in the absence of character-growth is only bloating.

Are there not enough resources already to happily share among all the people of India?

Will there be enough resources any time for even one person's greed to accumulate and hoard?

What is the need to accumulate resources meant for others and show off?

Is it not the most harmful mental disease which harms the society the most?

If one person builds a house for 4500 crores when he already has a 1000 crore house,what is the example he is setting?

What is the message he is sending?

That everyone should aspire to build a billion dollar house?

Are there resources for such extravaganza on earth for 6 billion people,even for a million people?

What he considres as his personal property?

Ultimately he is only using the Nation's natural resources which are meant for building 4.5 lakh schools and 1 lakh hospitals.

If he depletes the resources for his show-off how can Nature create so much new resources for others?

It never happens and the whole of the country and the world have to suffer and pay the price for one man's madness!

Is not materialism a childish madness?

Only children are mad after toys.Grown-ups need not be.

Why should India follow the quality of life of America which only sanctifies quantity in life?

Can't American way of life and its civilisation be identified as in the childish phase of evolution?

Has not Indian civilisation gone through the Childish phase,Adult phase and reached the Wisdom phase long back,many millennia ago actually?

Should our ripe old civilisation which balances the spirit,emotion,mind and matter hanker after a silly civilisation which glorifies only matter because it is now only beginning to civilise?

Will Barack Obama or the Democrats or even John McCain Change A Thing? Civilisation and progress are brought by technology,not by politicians!

Do not look to politicians for development,advancement and refinement of civilisation.

Civilisation is the synonym for technology of the age.

From stone age to copper age to iron age,from agricultural age to industrial age to information age,civilisation is represented by technology.

Celebrate the technologists to bring in better ways of living.

Politicians existed in all ages and they were the ones who fought off development and enlightenment as long as their might made it possible.

Politicians are after power,which is neither modern nor civilised.

Every single cell organism also wants to have control over its environment.

Any creature that has fangs and paws exhibits and wields power.

Power is aboriginal and ancient and animalistic.

Those who are after power are not after change but after the status-quo which gives them the power.

Every change upsets the equilibrium and changes the paradigm of power.

So politicians are scared for life about change.

In fact they acquire power by promising security from change,taking advantage of the human beings' fear of the unknown.

How then will they bring about change,bring in better living and carry forward civilisation?

Left to themselves they are sure to bring back the dark ages any time!

And as for Barack Obama,he was too busy to even think of changing his own brother's life even a little bit...he did not even remember him,is n't it?You are not his brother and he does not have a better reason to remember you...change you he a loser that much is certain..
He already started saying 'the road ahead will belong'..well, who has not told that,every one promises something and says that will not take place overnight and then they start blaming it on the opposition,the tried and tested the tried and tested loser..

Psychology is the science of sciences-Vivekananda