Monday, August 16, 2010

Funny Quotes fom The Expendables

Pirate leader: Drop your guns!
Lee Christmas: Fat chance.
Barney Ross: Why do they always say that?

Barney Ross:
[in the middle of a mexican standoff, a faint buzzing sound can be heard]
Barney Ross: What's that?
Lee Christmas: I'm getting a text.
Barney Ross: Excuse me?

Trench: Only an idiot would do this job.
Barney Ross: How much?
Trench: Like I said.

Jennifer Aniston The Bounty Hunter Quotes:Impressive

Memorable quotes for
The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Nicole Hurley: Life is making mistakes.
Milo Boyd: And death is wishing you had made


Milo Boyd: Are you trying to seduce me?
Nicole Hurley: Yeah.
Milo Boyd: What's the hottest thing about me? That would be my gun.


Nicole Hurley: Why do people do that?
Milo Boyd: Why do people do what?
Nicole Hurley: Deny that they've ever done anything wrong in the relationship - why can't people take responsibility for their shit and move on.

Soundara Umayal,my sister and the adored darling of all of our family

I have a sister,living in my spirits,along with all of us,ever lively,lovely,effervescent and ebullient.
The child in this picture is my sister,called Soundara Umayal.(wherever the picture could be shown,posted or attached)
She was the darling of our family and the apple of our eyes.
She was so full of life,fun and Love that she filled our home with her presence.
She was so precious to all of us.We were extremely possessive of her.
My mother was extremely attached to her.
She had divine looks with the fairest complexion and deep blue eyes.
My grandmother used to gush often about those mesmerising blue eyes.
She was not only the darling of our parents and grandmother,but to her brothers also,especially to me.
We adored her as she adored us.

I have only these few memories of her,myself being four years old at that time.
She was two years old.
On that day which I remember,the Irrigation lake 'kanmaai'of our village had become almost dry and the villagers were allowed to catch the fish in it.
My mother was actively fishing in the kanmaai.I remember he r catching the slippery aaral fish which thrives in the muddy base of the kanmaai.
We had left our sister in the care of our grandmother at home.
At about 3 pm I went home.
My sister was looking for my mother from the westside 'Thinnai' of our house.
When I went there and was watching her she knelt on the floor and started picking up the one or two grains of rice with her tongue.
I stopped her from doing it and called her monkey for eating like that.
She laughed a bit but started to cry for mother.
I went to the kanmaai and told mother that sister is crying non-stop and she will have to come home.
Mother came home.What happened next,my four year old's memory is not able to recollect now.
Next what I remember was alarmingly listening to the sound of struggled breathing coming from the 'thottil' in which my sister was sleeping in the inside of our house,west side.
My mother and everyone rushed inside and my mother started crying 'what is happening to my daughter.Foam is coming from the mouth and she has convulsions.
The child was brought out and this only clear vision of me of my sister ever is in the light,someone,mother mostly,holding her on the lap and my father trying to bring consciousness by a folk method of pouring a drop of oil after heating it on a burnt dry chilli.I remember the bright fairness of my sister's complexion and her slightly plump baby body,which was healthy and adored all along.
The child did not respond and her head tilted.
My mother told to put more of that kalingam to awaken her.
My father after trying more was heard telling that the child appeared to have passed away.
Though she left us in her mortal body,she continues to live with us for ever in our spirits.

She lived like a queen and died like an empress.
Her body was given the farewell of a fairy queen by the whole village and the teachers of the school.
She lives in all of us with her Love and Spirit,bright and sparkling and playing, all the while.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Public Sector Oxymoron

In Public Sector,they manage to exist without performing anything by this simple trick.They transfer a person when people start blaming for non-performance and bring in a new person.For one year they excuse that the person is new and needs time to learn the new work.Next year,they start blaming the new person for not being able to perform.Third year,they decide to transfer the new person and claim that this person's transfer is being arranged and once his transfer takes place,the new person will be able to change everything and give results.Like this it goes on in cycles.Since no one watches any office or its functioning in continuity for years no one notices also this transfer trick being eternally played out.Bureucrats are more crafty in playing with people's memory than politicians.
The CR is the biggest joke in human history.They say it is for performance evaluation and the boss who himself is part of the delivery system evaluates the performance.Commonsense says that the beneficiary of the public sector's service,namely the public shoud be able to evaluate the performnace.Hoe the boss will evaluate?It naturally and inevitably has become the comic paradox that it is expected to become.Everyone in the hierarchy performs for the satisfaction of his boss's needs,whims and fancies,by sending peons,vehicles and everything else for the benefit of the boss's family to the satisfaction of the boss and the boss evaluates based on this 'service' and performance to him.Whether 'public service' itself is an oxymoron.I tend to be sure it is as things stand today.

Psychology is the science of sciences-Vivekananda