Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Public Sector Oxymoron

In Public Sector,they manage to exist without performing anything by this simple trick.They transfer a person when people start blaming for non-performance and bring in a new person.For one year they excuse that the person is new and needs time to learn the new work.Next year,they start blaming the new person for not being able to perform.Third year,they decide to transfer the new person and claim that this person's transfer is being arranged and once his transfer takes place,the new person will be able to change everything and give results.Like this it goes on in cycles.Since no one watches any office or its functioning in continuity for years no one notices also this transfer trick being eternally played out.Bureucrats are more crafty in playing with people's memory than politicians.
The CR is the biggest joke in human history.They say it is for performance evaluation and the boss who himself is part of the delivery system evaluates the performance.Commonsense says that the beneficiary of the public sector's service,namely the public shoud be able to evaluate the performnace.Hoe the boss will evaluate?It naturally and inevitably has become the comic paradox that it is expected to become.Everyone in the hierarchy performs for the satisfaction of his boss's needs,whims and fancies,by sending peons,vehicles and everything else for the benefit of the boss's family to the satisfaction of the boss and the boss evaluates based on this 'service' and performance to him.Whether 'public service' itself is an oxymoron.I tend to be sure it is as things stand today.

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