Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Something 'Revealing"

scenes from walmart
i took the girls to walmart the other day to purchase the standard necessities. after i had situated logan in the cart, removed my crutches from the truck and made sure maya was wearing shoes, we were ready to head into the store. at that moment, a car drove slowly by and maya watched the driver as the driver watched us.

'he was looking at you'

'he might have just been looking in this direction maya.'

'no, he was staring at you. he probably likes you, likes you.'

'don't be a goof. he probably just noticed how cute you two are...'

'no, i think he was hot for you.'

wordless sputtering from me. snickering from logan.

'um, maya...what does hot for me mean?'

'i don't know. i guess it means he feels all warm inside when he looks at you.'

'well, i think you are wrong. let's go inside...okay?'


not a bad working definition of 'hot for you' from my 7 year old. holy cow.
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There is no correct answer to these questions because they are based on a set of unknowns.
It would be like shouting..... "look, there's a lion!!"
If you were walking through a zoo it would have an entirely different meaning than if you were walking on the African plains.

The DVD Copy Control Association, an arm of Hollywood studios, sued Bunner and others under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, a California law designed to protect trade secrets. A state judge in San Jose ordered Bunner to remove the code-cracking program from the Internet. But an appeals court in San Jose lifted that injunction, saying that protecting trade secrets is not as important as the First Amendment right to freedom of speech. A unanimous Supreme Court, however, ruled otherwise Monday.

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There will always be people who disagree and, instead of just going off and start their own kingdom wish to bitch and moan instead. Facinating to watch.
Just continue to lie to all and fade > away quietly.Well, now, that's not very Christian of you, Tom.
After all, a secret once posted in a public place is no longer a secret. Is it?
Best, Ray

It occurred to me that if the Shared Brain Project had gone forward, this would have meant that Tom's ass would have been in your brain. Another reason to sigh in relief that this experiment was abandoned.
No offence intended Tom, but while some of us may occasionally think with our "gut," few actually consult their own asses for advice. Are there any other body parts that are expressing themselves on this forum? (Just curious.)

> Are > there any other body parts that are expressing themselves on this > forum? (Just curious.) Pricks, gazed navels, open and closed mouths, cunts, grasping hands, empty skulls, eyes in triangles, face validations, fevered brows, heels, waving arms, sniffing and hard noses, smacking lips, hungry bellies, bleeding and winged hearts, dabbling toes, just to name a few.

Publish at the Speed of Thought

When Rajneesh spoke there were people to record it.Rather it was a requirement in his days.He or no one else could help it,unless Rajneesh chose to type it himself.
Now that is not the case.You can think and type in the computer and publish it in real time.As you meditate in front of the computer when you want the world to know what you thought ,type it with calm and quiet and publish it in Blog.

Psychology is the science of sciences-Vivekananda