Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Something 'Revealing"

scenes from walmart
i took the girls to walmart the other day to purchase the standard necessities. after i had situated logan in the cart, removed my crutches from the truck and made sure maya was wearing shoes, we were ready to head into the store. at that moment, a car drove slowly by and maya watched the driver as the driver watched us.

'he was looking at you'

'he might have just been looking in this direction maya.'

'no, he was staring at you. he probably likes you, likes you.'

'don't be a goof. he probably just noticed how cute you two are...'

'no, i think he was hot for you.'

wordless sputtering from me. snickering from logan.

'um, maya...what does hot for me mean?'

'i don't know. i guess it means he feels all warm inside when he looks at you.'

'well, i think you are wrong. let's go inside...okay?'


not a bad working definition of 'hot for you' from my 7 year old. holy cow.
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