Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Diary of 2-10-13

Beauty is its own power. An authority and superior designation by itself. Superior to all others,the hierarchy is based on beauty,primally. The highest official designation is below the lowest beauty designation. Most beautiful to the least beautiful.The Natural pecking order,the food cycle of the human jungle. The world automatically aligns itself,unhesitatingly and inevitably to the attraction hierarchy,set by Nature in the genes,in the core of life. There are no other hierarchies except that of attraction powerful enough to command implicit surrender and willing self-subjugation. Othe rhierarchies are set in lesser vanities,just insignificant as dust in front of the destiny of attraction hierarchy. All are always aware of it,in the core of their being. The attractive always demand the ultimate surrender and obedience. If anyone was not aware in time of this destiny,he has already lost out on life. The have simply missed the pleasures of animals that are available in surrender. Beauty is the ultimate power and force. Surrender to it ,flatter it,obey it and be with it all the time at its service. o much so,and until the apparent surrender of the attractive in return is achieved. Ascend with abandon,right and subconscious mutual ownership. It is the fruit of surrender,servitude,servility to the primordial power of beauty and attraction,that pervades and permeates the very core of beings and rules them. It is Beauty that rules,rocks,moves and shakes.

Diary of 18-1-99

18-1-99 Today,like the past few days I woke up at 6 AM and felt frustrated having nothing to do about revocation. I concluded that the Government is dead and petrified in my case, though it is alive and kickung for the people inside. I thought about Saran,Babu and saranathan and ways of making them act favourably. After thinking about alternatives,I hit upon the greatness of Babu. He is like Himalayas. He has built up peaceful system power and is invincible. He is a man of POWER. He might have lived life in such a way to cultivate and build up to this level. And it is my destiny that I have no sympathy from him so far. At least now,he has some of it. Having come to this point,there is nothing for me to do,except to send provocatively beautiful representations, which may stimulate people to take steps. Connemara library contains few Tamil books. Compared to English collection,the Tamil one is very small. Except for ancient classics, the recent works are all about revolutionaries,like Kattabomman IV and Marudhu brothers. Otherwise,about the recent politicians. Moreover,I find that reading being a solitary pursuit,I am isolating myself more and more and becoming lonelier. I have to change the trend. I may not be very skillful socially,afterall. Just when I am finding out people's power, I already see all young boys carrying ten friends around,who will disturb anything for solidarity. I am too late. My recent philosophy is of distancing from thinking and reading,but pursuing 'Just Do It'. One action leads to another action,but one thought leads only to another thought. This Action Philosophy seems to have helped in other personal works like renting,tax payment etc. Again the Action Plan continues. But do not think of revocation to be a fast progressing field. 21-1-99 Very Important.Take the first step and keep taking one step at a time. Don't keep the end in mind,it makes you nervous. In failure retrace from the first steps and take new routes.

Psychology is the science of sciences-Vivekananda