Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Diary of 2-10-13

Beauty is its own power. An authority and superior designation by itself. Superior to all others,the hierarchy is based on beauty,primally. The highest official designation is below the lowest beauty designation. Most beautiful to the least beautiful.The Natural pecking order,the food cycle of the human jungle. The world automatically aligns itself,unhesitatingly and inevitably to the attraction hierarchy,set by Nature in the genes,in the core of life. There are no other hierarchies except that of attraction powerful enough to command implicit surrender and willing self-subjugation. Othe rhierarchies are set in lesser vanities,just insignificant as dust in front of the destiny of attraction hierarchy. All are always aware of it,in the core of their being. The attractive always demand the ultimate surrender and obedience. If anyone was not aware in time of this destiny,he has already lost out on life. The have simply missed the pleasures of animals that are available in surrender. Beauty is the ultimate power and force. Surrender to it ,flatter it,obey it and be with it all the time at its service. o much so,and until the apparent surrender of the attractive in return is achieved. Ascend with abandon,right and subconscious mutual ownership. It is the fruit of surrender,servitude,servility to the primordial power of beauty and attraction,that pervades and permeates the very core of beings and rules them. It is Beauty that rules,rocks,moves and shakes.

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