Monday, October 07, 2013

Structured Spending Part-1

Structured Spending People generally make resolutions and targets for achieving a certain level of earning and obsess over it until they achieve it. During the process of achieving earning they do acquire a set of skills which orient them towards earning and accumulating. By the time they reach their goals,it is commonly known that they have mostly lost their orientation to find a use for their accumulated wealth and regular earnings. It turns out that their striving towards the goals itself became their entire life. It becomes too late for them or in most cases it never occurs to them that spending the money needs as much thought,resolves and skills as for earning it. It turns out that almost anyone figures out the way to making money if he is at it long enough but almost everyone loses out on acquiring skills to spend the money fulfillingly. In their race to earn they lose the scope and view for spending it meaningfully,for they never had the time and social triggers to figure out what makes meaning to their life other than making money. Most of the higher middle class in India unflinchingly 'invest' all the money in the 'education' of their children,in institutions run by political barons who rob all the savings of the parents exploiting their sentimental dedication and emotional attachment,which is blind in its expectations for their 'investments' for their children.which is a holy cow in India. These educational institutions charge the King's ransom and deliver nothing at all in return in developing skills of their students. They are just left to find ways to dispose their time themselves in the company of their equally unguided friends and end up with skills on drinking,drugging,debauchering and acquire attitudes of machoism and dare-devilry combined with psychotic and neurotic maladjustments to society and its benchmarking ways essential for the survival of the social system. Their investments in eighty percent of the cases for the last two decades led them to be dumped in unskilled and underpaid jobs for which they wer found suitable and prepared by their high-ransom institutions. But it happens to be too late for them to figure out and do anything about it. It appears that it is essential to figure out ways of spending time and money to create systems that will ensure the proper utilisation and returns for the investments of their savings,rather than throwing it to the wind and closing the mind about the results.Not looks like an intelligent people's way of figuring out life. Perhaps one of the ways to spend their time,money and efforts is to network with other middle class parents to form co-operatives that will create institutions of learning that will impart high quality of education,motivation and training to their children and deliver value for their money that they saved. Only making money and saving is my life and everything else is responsibility of everybody else except me,that idea could not have obviously worked and it has evidently proved itself by not working. But exactly this attitude is the one being sought after by the opportunistic robber-barons who incidentally become the 'leaders' of the Nation and occupy the Government and wield power to build their own gargantuan empires out of the ransoms from the unthinking parents.

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