Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter to Hemingway from Delhi

In Delhi it is corruption for politicians and inflation for people. Winter has just started,Ramlila is just celebrated alongwith dusserah and Vijaya dasami. People happily burnt the villain of Ravana by adopting Rama to themselves. Whether they are aware or reminded that both Ravana and Rama are the two parts of they themselves and not separate people on the oustside oher than themselves. The qualities of Rama are required as always and more than ever now,for the leaders, and being a democracy in all the people. Indians as all other humans,have higher and lower qualities in them and they need a leader as an example to make their higher qualities of honesty,sacrifice and honour dominant and the lower qualities of selfishness,dishonesty and corruption dormant. But India presently has leaders with the opposite example,they are examples of dishonesty,selfishness and corruption and they rule the people by manipulation. They adopt no principles in life other than their paranoidal obsession and need to stick to power. They adopt the single policy of loot and scoot and if no loot,then paralyze the country. The people naturally see their leaders in action and copy them instinctively. All of them individually have not the vision to see where their current qualities of lower human values are taking them. All of them want to be corrupt,proud and greedy by themselves,but want others to be honest and sacrifice. And each one of them lament and never lose an opportunity to shout hoarse from the rooftops too,whenever they get the chance to shout from the modern day rooftops called tv,print and social media. Whether they know it or not,they are going down the way such a double-standard is liable to take them,down in prosperity,honour and quality of life. This is gravity. It does not work any other way.

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