Friday, February 08, 2008

Do you reject your guilt, shame and embarrassment?

Well,it would have been a blessing if people can 'reject' their guilt,shame etc.

Normally they try to ignore or divert and distract themselves from the

offending or painful emotions,but these remain at a deeper (sub-terranean)

level until another life event triggers them all over again.

Those who want to come out of such emotional 'stuck-up'states have to

begin with examining their Basic Beliefs,by recollecting their MUSTS.

It is the beliefs that create the reactions,neither the events nor the

agents(people involved).

The individual's beliefs determine the emotional reactions.

This can be understood from the fact that all people do not feel guilt

or embarrassment to the same triggering situation.

The reactions are as diverse as there are people.Even the intensities

are also not the same.

Here lies the clue to work on the debilitating reactions to become

eventually free from them.

Review and validate your beliefs.

Fundamentally,no event or agent needs to trigger any shame

or any guilt in anyone.

It is only programmed by the 'environment' namely parents,peers,

teachers and religion,who aimed at creating some 'boundaries' to be

able to move in the society inoffensively.

But the results may be rewarding,neutral or unproductive

depending on the present situation in

life.No one intended your discomfort when creating those

boundaries,perhaps there may be

over-reactions and unintended bitterness involved in

the programming process,in the belief-

formation stage.It is never too late to review and revalidate

the beliefs which are counterproductive.

Anyone can lead an absolutely creative,productive and

fruitful life by consciouly reprogramming HIS or HER beliefs.


Deepak said...

You have a nice blog...

Anonymous said...

Krishnamoorthy, I always thought you are one of those genius, philosphers from KKDI days.. Your blog proves it..Keep it up - Sridar

Mee mOe said...

An excellent point, our shame begins from when we are young.

war$nake said...

Hey Googlegold,
I agree with you.
Shame is relative. The only thing responsible for shame and guilt in ourselves is our conscience which is nothing but a collection of all our good thoughts and ideas.
Good post.
- War$nake.

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