Friday, February 01, 2008

Is your heart blissful enough,Can you sing and dance on demand

An Index of Happiness

Can you sing and dance as and when you like or as and when someone invites or as and when a situation of mirth arises

How long it takes for you to begin to sing and dance freeing yourself from your current stuck up thought

Have you noticed that different people start song and dance after different time lags and different degrees of persuasion

Are you coming back from outside after dealing with difficult people and difficult situations and your mind is free and light that you can immediately break into song and dance

Are you leaving your home after many heated and energetic arguments over household affairs with lightness of mind and heart

Song and dance indicate(or one of the indicators,when you are not inebriated and not under drugs) light and free state of mind(free from emotional hang ups like ruminations,grouses,grudges,hurts,regrets,self-curses)

can you preserve your light and free mind,your blissful spirit,in the middle of the cacaphony and confrontations that a normal life puts you in

have you identified all your provocations that trigger anger in you

have you realised that your need for respect,money,women,power and prestige are being used by provocateurs,even by practical-joke playing mischief-mongers,
to throw you off-balance and upset you,
because they enjoy the power of controlling your mood and your helplessness in doing nothing or not much about mockery and tease,
the way a oversensitive person to tickling gets tickled all the time by his friends for fun

after people are unfair,mean and nasty to you behind your back and on your face,can you erase at will the automatic hurt and hold no grudge whatsoever,SIMPLY because grouse, grudge and anger only hurt the holder not the provoker

or do you not get a hurt at all

all these must be possible if all the theories and knowledge and wisdom you believe to be possessing have helped you

you can substitute any other state of mind and emotional state familiar to you as indicative of a light fresh and free mind,a blissful mind,in the place of song and dance

Knowledge is a set of ideas

anger is an emotion

have you got the knack to rule your emotions with your ideas

or you realised that you could not because you lose your mind when emotion is strong

or that it is simply because of losing your mind you became emotional in the first place

did you find them to be present mutually exclusively

and you desired that they are present simultaneously

watching one another in preserving your emotional energy and mental sanity

and regretted that your knowledge and understanding and wisdom on anger

could have rescued you from some angry situation

in which you were found to be behaving next to insane

is it like one person shouting in fury to another not to get angry anytime in life

Is it like a drinking smoking doctor advising his patients not to drink and smoke because he KNOWS that these are unhealthy but finds no way to stop them himself, because he does not know how to overcome addiction,an emotional condition

everyone wants to be free from anger in a blissful way,

not repressing it and fighting it back,building it up like a simmering volcano and bursting it out in one violent eruption

repression of anger due to the ideas and advices on anger is not any way helpful to be blissful and free,it is rather more misery

have you come across such persons who are eternally and blissfully free from anger

or are you one of them

or have you come across such bliss only in stories related to Buddha
and other Godly and the Saintly
and in the Zen stories you read


Anonymous said...

Ahh...If we could just realise what anger can do to us...Most life's and even the world'd problems would be solved :) Keep writing ..Waiting for more


Anonymous said...

its very true. everyone of us should learn to manage our anger to feel light and enjoy the gift of life.

twinkling star said...

your thoughts are very inspiring.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

This is about "blue"? I think it's about anger. I'm confused. Have a great MM. :)

Bhavya said...

How easily you express inner feeling into

I think music plays a very important role in our life's.
Thats why dance & music is part of our Indian festivals & ceremonies.

Psychology is the science of sciences-Vivekananda